About Us


DDW Enterprises Private Limited is an innovative Design, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing Company having its headquarters at Coimbatore. DDW is focused on Construction and Material Handling Equipments with the Strong Industrial Machine design and application knowledge with global exposure. DDW Designs and Develops the State of the Art construction equipments and material handling equipments with the present day needs and issues of users in mind. Although there have been many solutions and machines available in the market, there has been lot of gaps in solving the customer requirements especially in the smaller and medium range requirements, where smaller, compact, feature loaded, customer friendly, affordable, “last mile” movement solutions and machines are still not in the market. Hence, DDW has launched innovative solutions to fill the gap with smaller and “Last mile” needs of Construction and Material handling equipments. The product range includes walk behind Electric Barrow, Petrol engine driven power barrows, Diesel engine driven Power Barrows, 4 wheel drive Mini Loaders / Dumpers, Vibratory rollers etc..

DDW has its in-house R&D, Development and manufacturing infrastructure supported with a well experienced and filtered vendor network making it a very efficient and strong manufacturing Company.

Lead by Efficient Management Team, the Company has built a strong vision to establish and grow in the minds of the end users. Identifying the gaps and opportunities and providing innovative, affordable solutions are the most important strides of the management team at DDW.

With the strong focus on building Quality products and providing prompt After sales service, DDW has a clear vision to provide Durable Construction and Material handling products which last for long in the hands of the customers!

Innovation is our Driver and Innovation for Your Every Needs!